The Soil to Soul Connection: Eating Sustainably and Protecting the Environment and Body

An Agrarian View on Holistic Health 8th April 2014

by Rumiyah Frederick The Soil to Soul Connection (Part 1)

I was giving this article much thought, because I wanted to present an idea to you that could be easily understood, allow you to ‘connect the dots’ and be inspired into positive action.  To clear all unrelated thoughts from mind, I went to sit on my veranda and started absorbing and ingesting all that surrounded me, the green grass, flowering plants, trees – all upright and full of life, springing forth from the earth, from the soil.  Then, in what must be the umpteenth affirmation to my-self, a meditation of and in agreement with the land, a knowing arose…“Of course there must be life in the soil!”

“…And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground….”  No, I’m not taking you on a Sunday school dissertation, trying to establish a career as a preacher, nor stir up some religious fervor.  What we will look at are scientifically proven, experience-gained, and concrete, natural life processes.

Soil –More than just Dirt

For soil to give and sustain life (flora and fauna) it must first be alive!   Would you be surprised to know that soil is a living dynamic substance, with many synergistic life processes taking place, comparable to that within the body of man?  Working within the framework of natural cycles, soil is a composite of weathered mineral rock.  However, these minerals are of no use without the many microbial activities taking place.  Your friendly earthworm, ant, bacteria and fungi have one of the most important jobs on this planet.  They breakdown organic matter and aid in the creation of organic chemical compounds which contribute to the texture and structure of soil, thus enabling life processes, one of which is respiration.  Bacteria within soil also play the important role in mineral transmutation (change from one mineral to another).  The totality of all these ongoing processes ensures soil fertility which leads to the bio-availability of vital life-giving nutrients to plants.  In harmony with all these elements of soil, there is the bio-electric life force element which is in constant motion.  Once equilibrium is maintained within these natural life-cycles of the soil, its vital life force potential is maintained.  This is ORGANIC soil at its best.

The Soul – De-mystified 

I know at the first glance of the word ‘soul’, most of us will already have a pre-conceived idea of what it refers to, or it may be that some of us are stil trying to get a grasp on one of those words that still seems so elusive to man.  Is it this or is it really that?!  Then again, some of us may already have this knowledge down-packed

Para-phrasing from a lecture, “Body, Soul& Spirit”, presented by Ben Ammi, the anointed Spiritual Leader of the African Hebrew Israelites at Jerusalem, I will use the following analogy to give some clarity.  Stay with me now.  Utilizing the example of an automobile – The part which we actually see as the motor vehicle is called the ‘body’.  (Are you generating a mental image and seeing the parallel?)

This body is placed over the chassis or the motor engine and all the ‘organs’ that cause movement.  The ‘chassis’ or the ‘organs’ or the ‘soul’ is what causes the automobile to move, is what causes the body of man to move.  If we were connecting the dots, we can now deduce that the soul of man refers to the inner parts of man comprising of cells, tissues and organs which animate the body, and carry out vital biological life processes such as digestion, respiration, absorption, regeneration and elimination.  Now you know what is implied when you’re told, “I love you with all my soul!”

The Connection – Regenerative Sustenance

A more accurate interpretation of the history lesson (as mentioned earlier) “…and man was created from the dust of the earth” taken from the original Hebrew interpretation is “man was created from the minerals in the earth”.  Is it a coincidence that there are approximately 102 minerals found in the soil, the same number found in the human body?

It has been scientifically proven that every cell, tissue and organ in man goes through a process of constant regeneration, whether by days, weeks, months or even years.   The epidermis of the skin is renewed every two weeks, red blood cells last only four months, and the liver ‘the detoxifier’ has a complete renewal rate of one to two years.  Where does this bio-regenerative nutrient material necessary for this regeneration and overall longevity come from? Of course from what we consume by the way of food nutrition.  And where does this vital nutrition come from?  You guessed correctly…PLANTS! – Plants grown in fertile ORGANIC soil.  Plants are capable of supplying our souls and bodies with WHOLEminerals which are endowed with bio-electrical life force energy required for the optimum regeneration of our cells.

The Creator knew that we could not chew on a piece of iron ore to gain the iron needed for red blood cell creation.  In his infinite wisdom He caused tasty vegetables and fruit trees to grow.  These plants, working within the framework of natural laws, are able to assimilate inorganic minerals into a form which is easily digested by man.

Here we find the answers to maintaining perfect health.  If we were made from the minerals of the soil/earth, then it goes to reason that all that was found within the soil/earth to create man would be there for his sustenance.  Thus, the SOIL –PLANT – MAN dynamic unfolds.

Now that you are aware of this vital relationship, it is upon you to take responsibility, not just individual responsibility, but that for the ones you love and depend upon you.  How do you take responsibility?  –  By being more conscious of what you put into your soul and those of others.  Introduce a wider variety of vegetables and fruits from across the colour spectrum into your diet.  As much as possible, ensure that these are organically grown.  Consume less processed and refined foods.  Eat more locally produced foods.  Do not be afraid to question the origin of vegetables and fruits before you purchase them.

The next time you sit at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table with your family, and you survey the spread before you, ask yourself, “Am I eating simply to be filled or am I eating to truly sustain my life?”  The choice is yours.  The choice is always yours!  I trust you to make the right one!
To Your Regeneration!