Shade Nets.

Our nets range from 35%-90%. These nets
are made using UV treated monofilament raw material.
Colors vary from Black, Silver, White, and Green etc.
The uses of the nets are but not limited to:
• Bird Nets
Bird control is essential in order to protect the crops
from damage. The bird net is the best netting for this
it’s made from UV- treated monofilament material and
its white in color.
• Wind break
These highly UV stabilized nets protects your crops
from strong winds hence leading to higher yields and
healthier crops.
• Ventilation Nets
These nets are made from UV-treated monofilament
raw material which reduce wind speed and heat built up
in green house.
• Construction nets
These are nets used for safety preventing debris from
falling down on people. They are made from UV-
treated monofilament raw material.
The color for construction net is green.
• Car Park shade nets
These are nets used to shelter vehicles from the sun
and dust. Our nets are dust proof.
• Germination Nets
These type of net is used to promote the germination of
newly planted seeds protecting seeds from erosion.
• Anti-Insect Nets
These are UV-treated woven nets used to protect crops
against common greenhouse pests e.g. white fly,
aphids and thrips.
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