It is a well known fungicide specially formulated plant nutrient with pesticide activity.
It’s composition is based on mono and di-Potassium Phosphite specially generated in a controlled reaction. It is basically a plant nutrient with strong fungicidal activities.

Fosphite controls early Blight (alternaria), Late Blight (phytophtora). Downey mildew, leaf spot, powdery mildew, crown rot, damping off, root rot, pythium and common rusts among others.

Fosphite may be applied in mix with other pesticides and fertilizers except for Copper and Copper compounds. But always test compatibility with a small quantity before mixing wholesale.

Fosphite has no serious mammalian toxicity but usual care should be observed. Avoid careless contacts with the skin or ingestion.

Fosphite is approved as a zero-day pre-harvest interval product. However, we recommend harvesting the day after application.