Colored Pepper (Seeds) – Top 168 [Evergreen]


Variety – Top 168 [Evergreen]


Variety – Top 168 [Evergreen]

We ensure value and success in the seeds we provide. We ensure that our farmers grow the best of the seeds varieties sought out by consumers all over the world. The responsiveness and credibility of our well-trained agronomists make it worthwhile to own up the seeds. Our vision is to contribute to the growth of agribusiness in Kenya, improve livelihoods as well as the marketing of high-quality vegetable seeds varieties.

  • Extended shelf life
  • Good fruit set in various climatic conditions
  • Slot – hot to cold, for indoor (nethouses or greenhoses) production
  • Medium Fruit walls
  • Blocky
  • FRUIT COLOR: Evergreen
  • FRUIT SIZE W/L(CM): 11 x 10
  • ToMV

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